Updated April 30, 2020—Response to COVID-19

We are so excited that the risk from COVID seems to be lessening! We can see friends and family again; life is starting to look a little more normal. With the reduction in social distancing restrictions, we can start moving towards treating our family of dental patients not only for urgent care but also for routine care, like cleanings and fillings. HOWEVER the Alabama Dental Board has put some new rules in place for us to follow. Life and your dental visit are going to still look different than before the pandemic for some time to come.

Here are some of the things that are going to be different: (The TLDR version is at the bottom.)

Please brush your teeth and take care of restroom needs before coming to your appointment. Our patient restroom will not be closed and we will clean the restroom after every time someone uses it. But the fewer people that need to use the facilities will mean the less potential for spreading of germs.

You will be asked to update any necessary forms online before your visit because we are trying to minimize the transfer of paper products.

We have so many patients in our dental family that are overdue or in need of treatment and we have a limited number of appointment times available. It is crucial that you confirm your appointment. If your appointment is not confirmed, it is possible that we might give that time to another person.

The lobby is closed for now. Only the person being treated will be allowed in the building; a minor patient may have ONE parent or guardian enter with them. When you arrive for your appointment, please call us (256-852-9110) or reply to your confirmation text to let us know that you are here. You must wait outside for a team member to greet you. Expect to have your temperature taken and medical information reviewed.

Once inside, we will have you sanitize your hands before proceeding directly to the treatment room where you will rinse with a peroxide based rinse for one minute before the appointment can begin. You will also need to rinse again for one minute at the end of your appointment.

Be prepared to stay in the treatment room until the front desk staff is ready to check you out. We can only let one person stand at the desk at a time. Neeta and Kari do love you but they are required to wear masks and gloves while taking care of your administrative needs.

The Board has also restricted HOW we can take care of your hygiene needs. For this reason, if you prefer the Cavitron during your cleaning (the mini pressure-washer-blaster), if you have heavy tartar, stain, or are in orthodontic braces then please post-pone your appointment a little bit further until we can use the right instruments to do a good job of taking care of your needs.

For the TLDR version:

Appointments must be confirmed

Patients with heavy tartar, heavy stain, or currently in bracketed orthodontic treatment still need to wait for more lifting of restrictions for a thorough dental cleaning

Brush your teeth thoroughly at home before your appointment

Only the patient can come in the building; exceptions are minors who may have ONE parent with them

Notify us when you arrive and wait in your car for us to come get you

You will have to rinse with the provided peroxide mouthwash for one full minute two times; once at the beginning and once at the end of your appointment.

You will need to wait in the treatment room until checkout is ready for you

Who We Are?

Our doors are always open to new patients and with our array of dental services, it’s no surprise we are regularly expanding our family of patients. We are skilled at treating patients from all dental backgrounds and make every effort to ensure your appointment is as comfortable as possible.

At Chase Family Dentistry, we value quality dental care and strive to give each patient the same level of care, skill, judgment, respect, and attention that would be given to the most loved member of our family.  We care about getting you onto the path of improved dental health.



  • I recently moved to Chase Family Dentistry since I now live in the Chase community. While my previous dentist experiences weren't bad, I have been thoroughly impressed by every aspect of this practice! The equipment and technology is up to date and well maintained, the front office staff is friendly, and they have handled all of the work with my insurance even though it's technically out of network. I'm glad to have found an excellent dentist so close to home.
  • Nathan J
  • We began going to Dr. Clayton in 2008. While we have moved now to the other side of Huntsville, we continue to see Dr. Clayton. There service has always been excellent and very friendly. Well worth the drive.
  • Billie G
  • The staff is very friendly. They make you feel at ease. Even Dr. Clayton explains what she is going to do. Very up-to date with the dental equipment!
  • Jenny J
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